Is Chinese tomato good because it’s red?

Is Chinese tomato good because it’s red?

Can chinese tomato help us?

Tomato is the most consummate condiment in Italy

According to Coldiretti (National Farmers Union) in 2015 tomato cultivation involve in Italy over 8,000 farmers, 72,000 hectares, 120 transformation industries employing 10,000 people, witPomodoroCineseh a production value more than 3.3 billion per year.

It’s appropriate to say “these tomatoes are really a Treasure” (in Italian “pomodoro” means “gold apple“). In most minds of the world, it’s impossible to untie the tomato sauce from our fantastic Italian food tradition. So it’s one of the most important treasures about our culture, our habits, and our Governments must better safeguard.

Italians already know it. A survey of the Mipaaf (Ministry of agriculture, food and forestry) conducted between 2014 and 2015, which involved 26,547 participants, resulted the 84% considers essential to mention on the label of products the origin of the raw material.

The E.U. Regulation No 1169 of 2011 allows States to introduce rules about geographical origin of food, so we would have expected to put in place immediately and effectively measures. To come into force this regulation had to wait on December 2014, and to this day we all still waiting for significant legislative study on raw materials processed.

What can offer China?